The functions of water

The functions of water in equine permaculture are:

  • the role she plays
  • and the services it provides,
  • determined by its properties and characteristics.
  1. As with each component of the system, we will seek, for each water resource, to make it perform several functions, and each of these functions must be fulfilled by several components: this is the guarantee of sustainability.
  2. In addition, we will try to ensure that each liter leaving the site is cleaner than when entering the site.

The 8 categories of water functions

  • organic
  • écologiques
  • hydrauliques
  • thermal
  • chemical
  • optics
  • symbolic
  • charm

The biological functions of water

  • l’eau est un constituant de la matière vivante : elle représente environ 70 % de la masse des êtres vivants,
  • in addition, it is a vector of internal and external exchanges:
    • at tree level, water is absorbed by the rootlets, and at the other end of the chain we find cuticular sweating and  transpiration stomatique,
    • au niveau de la cellule la membrane plasmique permet le passage de l’eau,
  • well, it is food.

The ecological functions of water

L’eau est le constituant du biotope aquatique.

It is a place of biodiversity, of life, of reproduction.

The thermal functions of water

Water is a heat transfer fluid, and a thermoregulatory agent as we saw in the article on thermoregulation of the horse.

The water surfaces of a site have a “buffer” effect that creates microclimates.

The chemical functions of water

Water is a component (hydrating), solvent, reactive or catalytic vis-à-vis many substances.

The optical functions of water

Water is a transparent or reflective medium, a conductor of light, which creates microclimates.

The hydraulic functions of water

It is essential to distinguish between the quantity in a soil and its availability in it.

There are 3 different types of water in the soil:

  • to begin :gravitational water : available, it flows through the ground by gravity. 
  • then,capillary water : it is an available water on which capillary forces are exerted.
  • Finallyhygroscopic water which is unavailable water, since it enters into the very constitution of the soil.

Soil water fulfills 6 functions:

  • support,
  • vector (by its flow) of transport (of matter, energy),
  • engine,
  • energy conservator and transformer,
  • mechanical stress transmission agent,
  • binder.

The symbolic functions of water

Water can have different meanings in the socio-cultural context: symbol of purity, fertility.

The functions of water amenity

Water is a source of pleasure: aesthetics, games, sport ...

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