in VAL de VIE


The practical workshops at Val de Vie offer you learning during sessions of a few days. The goal is to give you more autonomy to:

            • develop your Design
            • take care of your horse
            • take care of your site

=> les dates des ateliers sont annoncées exclusivement dans le groupe Facebook “permaculture équine en Paddock Paradise”

Development of tracks 

  • maximize space
  • invite to movement 
  • stimulate bare feet
  • manage the group

Description of the Workshop

Natural horse feed

  • fresh and dry fodder
  • analyzes and complements
  • Water Management
  • encourage appropriate physical exercise

Description of the Workshop - very soon

Natural Horse Care

  • outlaw and limit chemistry
  • management of internal and external parasites
  • barefoot management
  • vaccination

Description of the Workshop - very soon

Choisir Choose an equestrian property or a pension for your horse

  • priorities and compromises
  • the participatory stable
  • shared equine habitat

Description of the Workshop - very soon

Trees, hedges, groves and forests

  •  choose, plant, care for trees: for you, for your horses and for your site
  • multiply them, harvest and preserve their products

Natural fertilizers

  • biofertilizers
  • composts
  • biochar
  • EMA

Description of the Workshop - very soon

Edible wild plants

Learn to recognize them, when and how to harvest them, and finally how to store and use good herbs.

Soil study

Observe, gather information, analyze and understand your soil to choose a strategy for restoration and improvement.

“We cannot find in a plant more than what makes up the soil that nourishes it”

Description of the Workshop - very soon

fromages eliane

Homesteading 1

Make fresh cheese and natural cleaning products.

With our external worker from Noire mare farm.

Description of the Workshop - very soon

Conditions and registration form very soon