Design assistance for your site

The assistance we offer you for the Conception of your Design in equine permaculture takes several forms:

Equine permaculture internships at Val de Vie face-to-face: tutoring

  • During the two initiation then Deepening course in equine permaculture: we offer you personalized design assistance ... in the form of tutoring for the duration of your stay at Val de Vie.
  • You will also benefit from a tutoring personalized in the Equine Permaculture Facebook Group and by email.

During the two courses, everything is done to optimize your chances of making your project a success: these formulas are included in the price of your training.

Each trainee who has validated his Initiation course can continue with the Deepening course: as an internship or online, it is up to you.

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Equine permaculture online training: tutoring and mentoring

Online training uses the Internet in order to make distance training possible: even if they are far away, students can train at their own pace.

During the duration of the Designer online training in equine permaculture, students benefit from a personal support meeting each term: this is the Mentoring.

The objective: to ensure every chance of succeeding in the Designer File.
This service is an integral part of the training.

Students of Initiation course can request to benefit from the tutoring offered to interns.


"Tailor-made" design aids and "turnkey solutions"

  • Workshops at Val de Vie : the speakers are there to share their know-how and their experience with you.

The goal: to allow you to gain very real autonomy, to meet your specific needs (to find out more about the practical workshops see here)

  • Study and Analysis of your site : I suggest you direct and manage your teamwork, centered on you and your project.

You will receive a file presenting:

    • an assessment of the current potential of your site
    • its evolutionary capacities so that it corresponds to your personal or professional project.
  • Complete “turnkey” Design File : it is a very comprehensive service that
    • will allow you to define very precisely each step of the design of your site
    • will allow you to plan its implementation
    • will present the 1 year, 4 year and 8 year objectives to you.

The objective: to accompany you, step by step, to move from the "project" to its concrete realization (with many elements of planning, costing, adjustments and possibilities of evolution).

Download the information brochure: design aids

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