Description of the courses at Val de Vie

Two routes are offered to “explore” equine permaculture at Val de Vie.

  • introductory course
  • and advanced internship

Everyone is welcome : individuals, professionals, curious.



Ce sont These are three days of immersion in the Ecodomain of Val de Vie. You will discover the foundations of equine permaculture.

  • principles of ecology,

  • ethics and principles of equine permaculture,

  • methods of designing an equine permaculture accommodation.

=> Final objective of the internship : be able to develop the main design guidelines for your site.



SECOND PARCOURS : le stage d'approfondissement

Ce sont 14 journées intense and convivial combining knowledge and know-how. 

Prérequis : avoir effectué le parcours d’Initiation (soit en présentiel, soit en ligne) 


Important Information

Pour valoriser au mieux votre Parcours d’Approfondissement et pour bien préparer votre certification il est conseillé de :

  1. have access to a site and gather all the information possible on this site, in order to learn to observe differently and to put into practice the achievements of each day of the internship. If you don't have a site, you will be offered one. It is recommended to choose a site of at least 1 hectare up to a maximum of 5 hectares.

  2. practice using the computer tools that will be offered to you as you go along (Geoportal, Powerpoint and many others ...).

  3. have a computer to prepare certification documents.

  4. devote approximately 2 hours each day to explore the content that will be delivered to you and to carry out the practical exercises allowing you to prepare for the certification.

  5. apportez votre Plan de Base et toutes les informations réunies lors de votre Parcours d’Initiation. Vous aurez besoin de papier claque, de crayons de couleur et de feutres (et tout ce qui vous semble utile).