Welcome to the land of Equine Permaculture

Here is finally our site which explores the land of equine permaculture! This is how I want it : a space for sharing and communication to facilitate your access to equine permaculture.

In this blog I discuss different topics that will complement :

Now is the time to get to the heart of the matter : what is going on in the land of equine permaculture?

You probably already have your idea…. And I take the opportunity to take you with me on the path that led my steps "in the land of equine permaculture".

Equine permaculture is a “crossroads” approach. It is a space where many disciplines come together which are all resources for finding "how" to respond to the ethical questions that have gradually imposed themselves on horse owners.

There is a base : the 3 ethics of permaculture and a fourth ethic : the ethic of equine permaculture.

Thus, around horses, their place of life, their owners, within our society in all its diversity we will address 4 topics :

  • our needs, our limits, our resources
  • animal welfare, respect for its natural needs
  • restoration and improvement of the environment
  • the production of a sufficient resource to share equitably.

"To have" a horse, several horses, when you practice equine permaculture, is to be aware of the become aware of the weight of limits that we impose on them :

  • "Our" difficulties in accessing equine accommodation that meets their needs :
    • lack of space available for the number of horses to be housed,
    • financing difficulties ...
  • "Our" way of life :
    • lack of time,
    • weight of advertising and fashions,
    • weight of tradition, of the eyes of others ...
  • "Our" skills sometimes marked by "urban myths and legends" which are taught and transmitted over and over again, even though the place of the horse in our lives has evolved so much that perpetuating certain practices no longer makes sense
  • and our lack of skills too, which makes us dependent on practitioners who do not always know what we want to see evolve for our horses.

What is the goal of equine permaculture?

" How to do " : this is the goal of equine permaculture,

  • in order to give each element of the equine-human ecosystem its place and role, all of which are decisive for the system as a whole
  • system which is also determining for each element that composes it.

This is a holistic approach: thus the "whole" is greater than the sum of its parts (wiki definition).

This is a holistic approach : thus the "whole" is greater than the sum of its parts (wiki definition). This is the way to understand the eighth principle of permaculture: "integrate rather than separate", which will highlight all that the horse can bring us and bring to the environment.

Approaching in the land of equine permaculture passes, begins and returns to theNature observation. The objective of this exploration is to understand how the whole structures work to arrive at the observation of the details…. Step by step….


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