L’écosystème des orties

The nettle ecosystem

Who does not remember a painful encounter with our friends the nettles? ... there are many varieties (30) around the world, there are 5 in France, the most common are the greater nettle (Urtica dioica , which has the particularity of being perennial), and the stinging nettle (Urtica urens, which is an annual more ...

Des fibres pour les chevaux

Fiber for horses

With the exception of lignin, horses use most of the fiber ingested. These fibers are a source of energy for the horse. Notion of cellulose In botany we learn that cellulose is a carbohydrate made up of a linear chain of D-glucose molecules (between 15 and 15,000) - (Wiki). When you want to use the tables ...

Les aubépines et les chevaux

Hawthorns and horses

There are two hawthorns, did you know that? Hawthorns are part of the Rosaceae family. The leaves are toothed and the branches carry spines that protect them from herbivores. They are slow growing thorny shrubs with a longevity of up to 500 years. The trunk has a brown-gray bark, scaly and cracked….